John Cena meets a fan with Down Syndrome who fled Ukraine

When Russian bombs destroyed Liana Rohozhyna’s home in the port city of Mariupol, she knew she had to leave the country with her son Misha. To help Misha manage and understand her difficult escape plan, Liana told him that they were leaving Ukraine to find his Favorite star and US pro wrestler John Cena.

While the war in Ukraine has been tough for everyone, it makes life especially precarious for people with disabilities like Down syndrome and autism, as they are often hypersensitive to loud noises, change their routine and become restless in crowded places like bomb shelters.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, after an arduous journey, Mischa and his mother arrived in the Netherlands last month. Upon hearing her story, John Cena decided to meet her. On June 4th, John Cena met Misha and spent an entire afternoon with him. His mother told that Wall Street Journal that she saw Misha smile for the first time in a long time after he met Cena.

Video of their interaction was posted by World Wrestling Entertainment on social media earlier this week. It soon went viral, and people appreciated Cena’s gesture.

A Twitter user commented on the video: “Apparently John Cena has the most appearances for the Make A Wish Foundation ever. I’m sure I’ve read that he never turns down a request. He has granted over 650 wishes. Absolute legend of a man.”

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