Kashmiri teacher earns online praise for fully automated solar car

With fuel prices going through the roof, the people have been search for alternatives for their means of transport. Now a Kashmiri man is going viral his creative solution – a car that runs on solar energy.

Bilal Ahmed, a maths teacher from Srinagar, has garnered widespread praise online after photos of a limousine with doors that open like luxury cars went viral. Images shared online show panels on almost every available surface of the car, from the hood to the rear window.

The car has intrigued many online, particularly electric car enthusiasts who have wished for Elon Musk to start Tesla operations in India. Mixing innovation with style, Ahmed, who has been working on the project for more than a decade, wants to make it an affordable version for ordinary people.

“Cars like Mercedes, Ferrari, BMW are just a dream for an ordinary person. Few people can afford it, while driving such cars and driving around in them remains a dream for others. I thought of something to make people feel luxurious,” he said Rising cashmere.

Originally he planned to make a vehicle accessible to people with disabilities, but his project was realized due to a lack of funds. However, amid growing concerns about fuel price hikes, he developed his plans to turn it into a car powered by solar energy.

Now, after 11 years of hard work and research, he has finally made his dream come true. In conversation with Daily Excelsior, Ahmed said he uses monocrystalline solar panels for his vehicle, which are known for producing maximum energy using less solar energy. He explained that these are more efficient and take up less surface area.

And while most sports cars only seat two and focus on economy, he modeled his vehicle to seat up to four people.

The man said he has so far spent a total of over 15,000 rupees to produce the fully automated car, with no financial support from any sector.

“When I started the project and even after I finished it, no one supported me financially; If I had the support I needed, I might have become India’s Elon Musk,” he said.

Ahmed is now garnering a lot of praise, not only from internet users but also from politicians.

His hope now is to get some form of financial support to start a business that can start manufacturing this car, which in turn will also create youth jobs in the Valley.

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