Long opera gloves are trendy at Klarna

If there’s one thing celebs will do, it’s turn the most impractical item into a must-have trend. Case in point: I spent most of my Monday night phone-scrolling comparison shopping for opera-length gloves with absolutely no operatic dress events on the horizon. Damn Dua Lipa!

In a way, an opera glove summer was inevitable. Our current nostalgia-driven trend loop goes further and further back, whether the most voracious consumer realizes it or not – ’90s silhouettes that reference those of the ’70s, those from the ’80s, and so on, until us. We went all the way back to Victorian England where we wore corsets and talked Regencycore. But past life regression into the closets of lore is no longer theoretical (or confined to the small screen). It’s here and it’s spreading fast.

Pop stars and party legends are the NASDAQ of fashion’s unpredictable economies of influence, so the fact that Ariana Grande and Julia Fox have both invested heavily in elbow-length gloves tells us everything we needed to know. Now, after months on red carpets, party pictures and music videos, the unlikely gloves are making their way into everyday people’s shopping carts. Payment service Klarna reports that searches for the search query “opera gloves” have increased by over 4,500 percent since last year.

What all these inspired shoppers are going to do with their newly acquired gloves (other than likely giving up using their smartphones) remains to be seen. However, some of Klarna’s other reported search tips paint a complete picture; Sequin purses are up 1,509 percent, metallic eyeshadow is up 2,309 percent, and glitter heels are up 800 percent. Collectively, these nightly affects amount to what TikTok has dubiously dubbed “Night Luxe,” though everyone who’s read it reads it The Great Gatsby I can tell you it’s just “Roaring ’20s” rehashed.

As these cultural shamans take the zeitgeist even further back in time, it’s time to ask the questions I was faced with last night: What on earth do you need a pair of opera gloves for? What do you wear with opera gloves anyway? Have celebs gone insane? To have I crazy? Unfortunately I need these, don’t I?

It’s impractical, it’s nonsensical, but it’s undeniably available here and with every possible decimal place. Shop below for the best opera gloves I’ve found on my journey into the depths of the latest nostalgic celebrity trend.

Balenciaga Long Stretch Lace Gloves


Shopping now: $595;

Kathryn Bowen Mesh Evening Gloves


Shopping now: $550;

Marine Serre Moon Print Gloves


Shopping now: $225 (originally $375);

Prada Long jacquard wool gloves with circular zip pocket


Shopping now: $1,200;

Dries Van Noten Multicolored Long Mesh Gloves


Shopping now: $243 (originally $315);

Savita satin long elbow gloves


Shopping now: $9 (originally $10);

Basic flapper opera gloves


Shopping now: $10;

YCShun Tulle Long Wedding Bridal Gloves


Shopping now: $12 (originally $13);

Yuantong Sparkling Rhinestone Gloves


Shopping now: $45;

E-Koray Long Women’s Fishing Gloves


Shopping now: $11;

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