Modi government: Trend #8Years_Of_Disaster

Modi government: Trend #8Years_Of_Disaster
Modi government: Trend #8Years_Of_Disaster

May 26, 2022 marks the eighth anniversary of the Modi government coming to power, five in the first term and three in the second term after their return to power in 2019. Indians are not happy with the Modi government and trend # 8Years_Of_Disaster on Twitter. Some comments are as follows.

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Queen: failed economy

Failed GST

Demonetization failed

MSP for farmers could not be deployed

Corruption could not be controlled

Fails to uphold the integrity of independent institutions

Failed national media

Couldn’t challenge China


Aman Kaur: Day by day after 2014 the peasants condition is continuously deteriorating as our @PMOIndia, @narendramodi is against peasants. He has not a word of condolences for 700 farmers who gave their lives to save food from corporations. #8Years_Of_Disaster

pedu: Laster 8 Years was a disaster for India under the Modi government #8Years_Of_Disaster

Ishwar Pal Singh Toor: In the last 8 years under BJP rule, agriculture has been ruined, economy ruined, constitutional institutions ruined, democracy weakened and communal harmony ended. There is still time to save the nation from destruction by blind people and godi mediums. #8Years_Of_Disaster

overcomer: Another 2 years is way too long. Please save India and resign now #8Years_Of_Disaster

Bra daughter: Modi government has wreaked so much mischief in the last 8 years #8Years_Of_Disaster

lakhvir: Because he doesn’t have #MSP, the farmer doesn’t get the right price for his crops, causing farmers’ condition to deteriorate, causing farmers to go into debt and eventually commit suicide. #MSP is the right of the farmers #8Years_Of_Disaster.

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