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Former US President Barack Obama shared a cute video on Twitter of his reunion with a boy he met in 2009. The boy, named Jacon Philadelphia, was five years old when he visited the Oval Office with his parents and older brother. He had asked Obama if his hair was like Jacob’s. The President leaned forward and let him touch his hair. The moment was captured on camera, which became an iconic photo.

Obama met Jacob again and shared a video of their interaction on his Twitter account on May 27. The clip has been viewed more than 1.2 million times so far.

The video opens to show Obama calling Jacob and asking if he remembers him. “I remember you telling me that your hair will be gray next time,” says the boy. Obama laughs and says, “And I didn’t lie!”

In the video, Obama further elaborates on his interaction with Jacob, which took place in 2009. Jacob’s father was a Marine who had served on the National Security Council. He had brought his wife and two sons into the White House. Obama recalled that the older brother was really serious and asked questions about weapon systems and the budget process, the younger brother Jacob looked at him and had a different kind of question. “Is your hair like mine?” Jacob Obama asked. Obama asked him to check and see this. So he bent down and Jacob touched his hair. The photo was hung in the West Wing during Obama’s presidency.

“This photo became one of our favorites – a reminder of the power to see yourself in your leaders. Today he is graduating from high school! Check out our recent reunion,” Obama posted as part of the caption for the video.

Watch the video below:

“I love it. I remember this photo well. It’s so amazing to see and hear young Jacob who is now graduating from high school. I appreciate and still appreciate all you do for our country and our children have done and continue to do. These videos are awesome,” one Twitter user commented. “Dear President Obama. This video actually brought tears to my eyes, it reminded me that we can reach that star in the sky if we work hard enough and believe hard enough, your legacy will live on forever and I am proud to say that you are my president,” wrote another.

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