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Texas school shooting: What you need to know The gunman, identified as 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, was killed by police officers. (NCD)

UVALDE, Texas — A special education teacher at Robb Elementary who survived the May 24 shooting that killed 19 students and two teachers has petitioned a court to order the maker of the weapon used in the massacre to undertake an affidavit.

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Emilia “Amy” Marin filed the petition Thursday, which would ask gunmaker Daniel Defense to answer for a testimony and produce materials related to profits, lobbying, sales and marketing of AR-15 style rifles , NPR reported.

The petition asks not only for the specific AR-15-style rifle carried by the shooter in Uvalde, but also for information about four other AR-15-style rifles found in the hotel room of the shooter, the 60 people in Las Vegas in 2017, The San Antonio Express-News reported. Marin’s attorney, Don Flanary, told NPR that they want to investigate whether Daniel Defense changed his marketing after the Las Vegas mass shooting.

Marin had gone outside the school and been helping a colleague bring food into the house when she saw the shooter’s vehicle crash, and was the teacher originally accused of throwing a rock open the door through which the shooter entered to have left, CNN reported. The Texas Department of Public Safety later clarified that the door had not been held open, saying instead that the door was closed but not locked for unknown reasons. Video footage from the school showed Marin closing the door, DPS said.

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Flanary told CNN that Marin has no plans to sue the school, the county, or the police.

“Prosecuting the cops who made a mistake won’t stop it from happening elsewhere,” Flanary told NPR. “She feels like if we go in that direction, we can make a difference.”

Mikal Watts, a San Antonio attorney, told Express-News that he and other attorneys have been contacted by the victims’ families to review possible claims against Daniel Defense.

In February, Remington and the families of nine of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting reached a $73 million settlement, NPR reported. In that case, attorneys had argued that Remington, who made the gun used in the Sandy Hook massacre, marketed their guns with a “lone wolf” narrative, NPR reported.

Daniel Defense has used video games like Call of Duty and popular characters from Star Wars, as well as Santa Claus, in some of his ads, the New York Times reported.

State police said the DDM4 V7, manufactured by Daniel Defense, was one of two AR-style semi-automatic rifles that the shooter purchased before going to Robb Elementary. The DDM4 V7 was the weapon found next to his body when he was killed, Express-News reported.

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