String of transfers of IAS couples: Dignitaries and netizens express displeasure at labeling Ladakh as ‘penal post’: The Tribune India

Tribune Web Desk

Chandigarh, May 28th

The news of the IAS couple’s transfer from Delhi after they were accused of sending athletes early from Thyagraj Stadium to walk their dog on the track has taken the whole nation by storm in recent days conquered. The incident was seen as pure abuse of power. It was only when a media outlet reported on the problem that the Union’s Home Office, in addition to the Delhi government’s extension of the time for athletes to 10 p.m., relocated the couple to Ladakh and Arunnchal Pradesh, respectively, in a knee-jerk reaction.

As soon as news of the transfer broke, social media was split over the government’s decision. Additionally, few started a meme fest about the dog’s fate when the couple got separated and were posted in different places.

However, another controversy has erupted over Ladakh being referred to as a “penalty post”. A section of the population, including some notable figures, has now expressed dissatisfaction with some describing the government’s decision as a “penalty post”. They believe the notion of describing the transfer as a punishment, fueled by social media outrage, paints Ladakh in a bad light.

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