The 59-year-old British photographer is running the Everest marathon in a tiger suit. watch video

A wildlife photographer from the UK ventured into one during the Everest marathon tiger suit Sunday. 59-year-old Paul Goldstein took on the Herculean task of raising funds for the endangered Bengal tiger.

In a clip shared on Goldstein’s Twitter account, he can be seen trekking with the tiger fit. He punches passers-by along the way and keeps moving forward. “Everest Marathon A marathon, not a sprint, but more than halfway,” Goldstein tweeted.

In another clip, before the start of the marathon, he can be heard saying, “Is that a stupid escape on Everest? Probably yes. It’s going to be extremely tough. We’ve walked the whole course now. There was hardly anything I ran in the past. We have to run a marathon for that. It will be difficult. It’s going to be a challenge.” He also thanked the people who donated to the cause.

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He then continues: “Is this the biggest challenge I’ve ever done? Yes. People give me that look – ‘What on earth are you doing at your age?’ Yes, they do. does it matter? Yes, because not far from the border tigers are still being slaughtered. They are still being harvested.”

Goldstein has raised over £200,000 by the last week of May this year with the Worth More Alive campaign to protect Bengal tigers, according to his website. Goldstein ran the London Marathon in a tiger suit for the first time 12 years ago. He later conquered Kilimanjaro and has run a total of 19 marathons in the suit so far. Its website says the donations were used to build a new school, buy ambulances and patrol vehicles, drill wells and fund facilities for many villages.

The Everest Marathon is an international high-altitude adventure sports event organized by the Nepalese government on May 29th each year. The 2022 marathon celebrates the rise in height of Mount Everest after the 2015 earthquake, as stated on the Everest Marathon website.

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