The man goes to the SBI in London, finds it closed for lunch and Tweeple can’t stop joking about it

If you are familiar with Desi Twitter, you must have seen the memes about lunch breaks at State Bank of India (SBI) branches. Now there are many jokes online after a person went to one abroad and found it closed there in the afternoon too.

While it’s a running gag in India that it’s difficult to get a job at an SBI bank during lunchtime, Twitter user Abhay (@dammitabaiall) was surprised that the same thing was happening across England.

The young man, who is studying at King’s College London, was at a local SBI branch for some work and was incredulous when he saw that it was closed during bank opening hours. “Not the SBI in London closes at 12:30pm (noon),” he tweeted with a picture of the building. In a subsequent tweet, he sarcastically added, “Feeling very represented at the moment.”

The tweet caused a stir on the social media platform and caught the attention of many Desi people across the country, who joined the conversation by quoting Amitabh Bachchan’s iconic phrase Mohabbatein, “Parampara. Pratishtha. Anushasan.”

While few were surprised to see an SBI branch in London, others “good to know” joked that they don’t distinguish between customers here and those in a foreign country. “You can move out of India, but India can never move out of you,” another commented on his photo.

And although the jokes continued, many said there was nothing wrong with taking a lunch break and that even people who work in banks are people who deserve to eat without being glued to their desks. Many stressed that lunch breaks in banks are also common abroad, but the only problem is that they are sometimes stretched far beyond the allotted time.

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