The “She’s a 6” trend that’s taken over your feed, explained

If you’ve been on social media this week, the words “she’s a 10” or “she’s a 6” are probably already part of your vocabulary.

The trend has taken over Twitter and TikTok and works by calling people a 10 or a 6 before adding a trait they believe could make or break a person.

This article covers everything you need to know about the trend – so you can join in the fun yourself.

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gone into the night | Official trailer





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‘She’s a 6’ trend

The trend started with “she’s a 10,” with users saying “she’s a 10, but,” followed by a trait they think would rank someone lower. The other person playing the game then ranks the imaginary person out of 10 based on what the other person said.

Now that the number has been lowered (to 6), users are saying both good and bad habits or traits.

For example, one Twitter user came up with the idea, “She’s a 6, but she says SMACK CAM every time she kills a spider,” to which other users responded differently, “When she kills spiders, she’s a 0 ‘ to other comments that would make it a 10.

Apparently you can be a 6, but if you go to the gym 5 days a week, that makes you a 12…

Another said you could go from 6 to 8 if you could cook…

Although it started out as a fun trend that everyone wanted to be a part of, some users think the trend has been ruined. Judging people by their looks and personality is only funny up to a point, and a lot of people got that.

One user wrote on Twitter: “That ‘she’s a 6’ thing is obnoxious,” and another said: “When you use the phrase ‘she’s a 6!’ & if you judge a woman’s looks, you’re probably an asshole”

Other users find the trend downright hilarious. One Twitter user said: “I love this ‘he/she’s a 6 but…’ trend, it’s so funny.”

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