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You’ll have to be living under a rock to have missed this weekend’s most talked-about viral story, involving RTE’s The Two Johnnies and the infamous GAA Catfish.

Earlier this month, Johnny O’Brien (Johnny B) and Johnny Smacks shared an unforgettable real life experience at a sold out 3Arena in Dublin.

What started out as a confessional has now evolved into a maze tale that Netflix would be jealous of.

The 2 Johnnies podcast, now trending across Ireland, delves deeper into the case of the mysterious “GAA Catfish”.

This two-part series tells the story of host Johnny B – heartbroken and lonely – who fell in love on Instagram with a follower who turned out to be the infamous Catfish.

What is a catfish?

Catfishing is when someone sets up a fake online profile to trick people who are looking for love.

The stunning story has since gone viral and the podcasters have reported that “over 100” emails were allegedly attacked by the same catfish.

Johnny B recalls his experience with the catfish they named Cora – no real names were used.

“Last year I got single and you know it’s never easy no matter what the outcome. Around Christmas time this girl follows me on Instagram, she is absolutely stunning, stunningly beautiful, she’s from Limerick, has 15,000 followers and is followed by a few people I know personally and a few well-known people in the industry (Showbiz ). .

“She’s the first girl I’ve texted since I’ve been single and I was delighted to get a response.”

After the numbers were exchanged, the conversation continued on WhatsApp and the couple seemed to hit it off really well.

A few red flags surfaced along the way, one being that she didn’t have a WhatsApp profile picture and the other being that she talked a lot about her ex-boyfriends and previous relationships.

Along with co-host Johnny Smacks, the pair went into great detail, breaking the story into short chapters on the podcast.

The comedy duo conducted their own investigation and spent €79 on an image search app that helps identify people in photos to identify the “real Cora” in the Instagram images.

Cora’s account turned out to be linked to a whole series of fake accounts sent out to young men across Ireland, leading to a second episode and soon a third. A release date for part three has not yet been announced, but it’s on the way soon – so stay tuned!

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