This Uniqlo bag costs just £12.90 and has space for all your essentials

This trendy Uniqlo bag costs less than £13 and will carry all your summer essentials

It goes with everything, goes with everything and won’t cost you a fortune (Image: Uniqlo/Shutterstock)

Whether you’re spending your summer at festivals or sunbathing in the park, you’ll need essentials like sunscreen, sunglasses, and a decent book.

But tote bags and straw beach bags can be bulky when you’re in a crowd — and that’s before you even have to rush to find your purse or keys.

The fanny pack (or fanny pack if you’re in the US) has long been a favorite of savvy packers on the go, despite stereotypical associations with teenagers and naïve tourists.

However, this Uniqlo number looks to be game-changing, offering style points as well as a Tardis-like capacity.

The nylon mini shoulder bag costs £12.90 and looks unassuming on the surface, with a crossover strap and large pocket.

The reason TikTokers have dubbed it “the perfect summer bag” is because of how secretly roomy it is, with various creators showing off the sheer amount of items they can fit inside.

Jennifer Grst called it one of her “best purchases yet” and showed how she packed a bottle of water, purse, keys, headphones, sunglasses and more into the 28cm x 17cm bag.

Kayla White continued showing off the magic of Mary Poppins and was given a large water bottle, a book, and her purse and phone inside to save space.

Uniqlo bag that goes with everything

Like Mary Poppins’ magic bag, this bag fits a lot more than you think (Image: Uniqlo)

She said, “I’ll use it for errands, travel, etc. and it literally fits so much!”

With 4.4 million views for #uniqlobag, a hashtag for the heroic piece has even caught on.

Certain colors are sold out due to the bag’s popularity on the Uniqlo website, but it’s still available in a washed shade of blue and black.

It seems like there are regular supplies. So if you have your eye on a different shade, either check back regularly or try your luck at a physical Uniqlo store.

It is definitely cheaper than the usual it bags. For less than £13 you can collect them all – one for each of your outfits.

Shop the nylon mini shoulder bag for £12.90 at Uniqlo.

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