#trending: The TikTok video shows the dirty, litter-strewn Chinatown and has been criticized by netizens

He goes on to describe what Chinatown means to him and his homesick Chinese immigrants in different cities and countries.

“Chinatown is not only a window for people around the world to understand China, but also a home base for Chinese nationals who miss their homeland dearly. It holds a special place in our hearts.”

The student added that he and his school friends often go to Chinatown to eat, as it offers some of the most authentic Chinese food outside of their home country.

However, during his visit, he expressed his deep disappointment at the state of the place.

“I can only say this: Anyone who is abroad should please watch their own behavior.”

The video has been viewed more than 239,400 times. Netizens have reacted with shock and disappointment at the footage, calling for government action.

On the Hardwarezone forum, users shared their own experiences in Chinatown: “Once I wanted to go in (People’s Park Food Center) and jiak (eat),” one wrote.

“Go for a walk Liao, immediately no appetite because of the dirt and mess everywhere. Sibeh jialat (really disastrous) place.”

Some noted that this is anything but a new development and that not much has changed over the years despite awareness campaigns: “This problem was a very long time ago. Almost 10 years. The management also put up banners like this.”

A Hardwarezone user noted that Singapore is not a “clean” country but a “cleansed” country.

“(If) you remove the cleaners, it applies to the whole island.”

However, another speculated that cleaners on duty in the Chinatown area may only work late at night or early in the morning, piling up trash during peak visiting hours.

“I was there on Friday morning (July 15) because I had to attend a meeting nearby,” the comment read. “The place was very clean.”

Still others pointed to places they believed should also be monitored for cleanliness, such as “the stairway (of Golden Village Yishun) after movies” and “the kopitiams” in Bishan.

Across social media platforms, users agreed that the most effective way to maintain cleanliness in these areas is to punish “irresponsible” garbage beetles: “The only way to educate is to (those who discard trash) to make them feel the pinch and help clean up the space.”

For now, TikTok users have tagged the official National Environment Agency (NEA) account in the comments section of the official video, asking the government agency to “follow up and provide updates.”

TODAY has reached out to the NEA for comment on the matter.

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