Trending Topics: Who Will Win the 2022 NBA Finals?

When the Warriors and Celtics meet in Game 1 of the Finals, which team will come out on top?

Q: Prediction Time: Who will contest the 2022 NBA Finals and why?

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Steve Ashburner: warrior in the 6th I attribute that to the experience factor, as Golden State is here for the sixth time in eight years compared to Boston’s freshman status. The Celtics’ two top scorers, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, are up and down in ways the best Warriors aren’t. And Golden State is strong enough in several places to emphasize Boston’s stingy defense. I would have picked this as the shorter streak if the Warriors hadn’t been playing with their food so far this spring and needed an extra game in each previous round to defeat Denver, Memphis and Dallas respectively.

Markus Medina: warrior in the 7th The outcome of any game could depend on a handful of possessions, which presumably expresses the importance of every shot, mistake and rotation. Nonetheless, two big variables will emerge. The Warriors will both benefit greatly from their experience and home advantage. The Celtics have their own experiences of both playoff deficiencies and roster continuity. But they can hardly compare the Warriors’ collective muscle memory to their championship core players, who know both how to execute and how to improve on their less experienced teammates. The Warriors also went undefeated during their first playoff run at the Chase Center (9-0). Both the Warriors and Celtics are capable (and likely will need) of winning on each other’s home soil to clinch the title. However, the Warriors’ improved atmosphere on the home court could tip the scales.

Shaun Powell: Celts in the 7th Yes, picking a team to win a third straight seven-game streak seems risky, especially at this stage of the game and especially against the veteran Warriors. But the Celtics appear to be a team of destiny that has thrived since late January, with Marcus Smart winning Defensive Player of the Year, Jayson Tatum taking Superstar turn, Roleplaying players filling in well and this team, Road won the playoff playoffs in Milwaukee and Miami. And with defense. It’s Boston time.

Johann Schuhmann: warrior in the 7th This isn’t an easy series to predict, and Game 1 will be intriguing in terms of matchups and schemes. The Celtics seemed to have taken a tougher road to the Finals, and they were actually statistically better, outperforming their opponents by 1.6 points per 100 possessions than the Warriors. Boston has the best defense the Warriors have faced since those teams last met on March 16, with no liabilities at this end of the floor within their top seven rotation types. The Warriors seem to have a higher cap, they should be the fresher and healthier team, and they obviously have the best offense the Celtics have faced (at least) since Round 1. It should certainly be a long run and Golden State should be slight favorites, but an 18th banner for the Celtics wouldn’t come as a huge surprise.

Michael C Wright: warrior in the 7th This streak could go either way because both teams are really that good. Although I won the Warriors to be honest, that prediction was made before they even got to this point. That’s because you could see a hunger in this Golden State team returning to the Conference Finals when these “old” veteran Warriors with three starters aged 32 and older were beating a young, up-and-coming Dallas team by a mile exceeded. The Warriors beat the Mavs with loose balls and rebounds for most of the series, while Dallas played with a determination and determination that never seemed to match. Golden State could see the finals on the horizon and had to fight hard to get there. Now that the Warriors are back on that stage, you know they’ll remember they didn’t finish the job in 2019. The Celtics are the best defensive team Golden State has seen in the postseason, but they just don’t have the offensive man-for-man firepower, championship experience, or consistency that the Warriors bring to this series.

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