Video showing little girl with four arms and legs surfaced on the internet. Sonu Sood intervenes

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood who has captured the hearts of many his philanthropyShe has volunteered to help a two and a half year old girl who was born with four arms and legs.

After a video showing the little girl’s plight was shared by News 24 on Friday, many users tagged Sood in the comments. According to News 24, the girl’s parents had turned to the Subdivisional Officer (SDO) of Bihar’s Nawada district, where they live, for help.

Sood posted a photo showing the little girl undergoing treatment and tweeted in Hindi on Saturday. “Don’t be tense. The treatment has started. Just pray,” Sood said.

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Many users praised Sood for helping the child. “Thank you Sonu sir for supporting children so much. You help everyone so you are a very good person,” commented one user. Another user wrote: “Thanks Sonu. Your generous heart is doing its best again. prayers assured. Drop everything in place. God bless you and may the child lead his normal life.”

Last week, Sood offered to help a girl with disabilities who used to walk a kilometer to her school in Bihar’s Jamui. The girl’s leg was amputated after an accident. “Now she will go to school by jumping not on one foot but on both feet. I send the ticket, the time has come to walk on both feet,” Sood wrote in Hindi, tagging his charity foundation.

Sood has helped many people in need and has been hailed as a true hero. The active Twitter user also helped with this migrants return home during the Covid-related lockdown. He also promptly offers money to patients from poor backgrounds.

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