Watch: Artist Creates Optical Illusion On Tree Trunk; Internet users in awe

Imagine walking in the woods and encountering a fairy figure spinning on a ball on a horizontally cut log while the rest of the tree hovers over its head.

Sounds impossible, but an unnamed artist created one optical Ilusion it just looks like this.

In a viral video showing how this optical illusion was created, a man can be seen wrapping a piece of paper around a tree trunk. Then he draws the outline of a girl standing on a ball. The artist then merges the background of the image with the background of the real place until it appears like a part of the surroundings. He finishes his artwork by painting the girl.

In the end it seems as if the girl is spinning on a ball while the tree trunk stands split in two. The video was posted to Twitter on Friday by a popular account named Gabriele Corno (@Gabriele_Corno).

It managed to garner 2.2 million views in just 24 hours.

Commenting on the unnamed artist’s impeccable skills, one Twitter user wrote, “Okay this is art I’d love to see in gardens everywhere…amazingly clever and inventive.” Another user jokingly remarked, “Amazing talent, he could actually make a tree disappear… and that’s NOT a good thing when you’re running in the woods.”

The artist used trompe-l’oeil, a realistic pictorial technique, to create the optical illusion.

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