Watch: Squirrel interrupts baseball game

Animal pitch invasions can make sporting competitions even more entertaining. Something similar happened Saturday when a squirrel interrupted a baseball game in California, United States.

The baseball game between Columbus Clippers and Buffalo Bisons was suspended for several minutes after a giant squirrel interrupted the game by jumping from the stadium’s overhead wires.

In a video shared by Minor League Baseball’s official site, players and groundmen can be seen trying to catch the squirrel as spectators watch in amazement.

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The video shows the ground guards catching the squirrel with nets and buckets. As the ground guards chase the squirrel, the commentator is heard saying, β€œThis squirrel packs a punch. The ground crew, the bullpen… everyone’s trying to contain this beast.”

Towards the end of the video, one of the floor attendants manages to grab the squirrel and put it in a large bucket. The man is bitten while catching the rodent.

A Twitter user commented on the video: “There was a 100 percent guarantee that the person who hand-caught the squirrel was bitten. You need plenty of gloves when herding wildlife!”

Squirrels may seem cute and fluffy, but the rodents are known to be vicious attackers when faced with danger. In March of this year, officers from the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office were in the United States attacked by a pet squirrel when they inspected a vehicle in which the squirrel was being kept.

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