What is #SwedenGate, the hashtag currently trending on Twitter?

What is the new hashtag #SwedenGate currently going viral on social media?

a new hashtag, #SwedenGoalIt’s going viral on social media. It all started with a contribution to the popular Reddit forum r/AskReddit when u/sebastian25525 asked the question:

What was the weirdest thing you had to do at someone else’s house because of their culture/religion?

And that was a Reddit user’s response shocked the internet:

I remember going to my Swedish friend’s house. And while we were playing in his room, his mother called out that dinner was ready. And check this out. He told me to wait in his room while they ate.


This answer worked Outrage and online debate, with the hashtag #SwedenGate trending on Twitter. As reported by New York Postit makes people reconsider their perception of the Scandinavian country as UNICEF classified it most family friendly in 2019.

@luckytilldeathx tweeted:

100+ years of Sweden being seen as such… a good place to live and a screenshot ruined it.

While most were horrified to discover that Swedes are unlikely to invite guests (especially other children playing in their house) eat with them at mealtimes, this practice is quite normal in the countryside. As reported by The New York Times, When it’s time to eat A child could go home, stay in the friend’s room and play, or join the family and the table and just not eat.

A tradition not only reserved for Swedes

Linda Johansson declares for The Independent:

Swedish thinking goes like this: the other child (or family) might have plans for a different type of dinner, and you don’t want to ruin the routine or preparations. I don’t think it has anything to do with not wanting to feed the other child or because it costs money or anything, but more to do with tradition and wanting to eat with your family.

Sofi Tegsveden Deveaux, Director of LYS förlaga publisher in Stockholm that focuses on works related to the move to Sweden said as reported The New York Times:

In some cultures, food is very important. In Swedish culture it is very important to respect the privacy of others and their right to make their own decisions and do things the way they prefer.

While Sweden is currently bearing the brunt of the internet’s wrath, this custom is not exclusive to the country. people in Finland, the Netherlands and other parts of Northern Europe say online that they also recognize the tradition.

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