“Will think twice before speaking for fear my words may be misconstrued”

Popular South American actress Sai Pallavi has finally broken her silence on criticism she received for her comments on the Kashmir genocide. In a YouTube interview while promoting her film Virata Parvam, she likened the exodus of Kashmiri pandits to cow vigilantism. Bajrang Dal then filed FIR against Sai. On Saturday, the actress issued a clarification saying her comments on the Kashmir genocide and lynchings were taken out of context. Sai Pallavi mentioned that she intended to convey that violence in the name of any religion is a great sin.

Taking to her Instagram handle to issue her clarification, the actress shared a video with the caption, “Here’s my clarification! I wish you all happiness, peace and love!” In the clip, the Fidaa actress said, “After watching the film The Kashmir Files I had the opportunity to speak with the director. I was disturbed to see the plight of the people and the generations of people who are still affected. I would never belittle a tragedy like genocide. However, I can never come to terms with the mob lynching incident that took place during the Covid period. I remember watching this video and was shocked for days.” ALSO READ: FIR Files Sai Pallavi for Her Controversial Remarks on Exodus of Kashmir Pundit; Bajrang Dal demands apologies!

She added: “All I wanted to convey was that violence in the name of any religion is a major sin. Many people online justified the mob lynching incidents. I believe that all lives matter. I hope there doesn’t come a day when a child is born and afraid of their identity.” Sai Pallavi also stated that now she would think twice before speaking out her heart because she is afraid that her words doing so could be misinterpreted. “I felt alone and conflicted thinking about what I did wrong. I felt like her [people who supported her] knew me for who I am,” added Sai Pallavi.

For the layman she had said of the Kashmir genocide: “The film The Kashmir Files shows the murder of Kashmiri pandits. Recently a man was killed for carrying a cow because he was suspected of being a Muslim. The perpetrators shouted “Jai Shri Ram” after killing the victim. Where is the line between what happened in Kashmir and what happened recently?”

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