“Ye ghajini hai kya?” asks the netizen as the man loses his memory after having sex with his wife

The man lost his memory after sex
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The man lost his memory after sex

In a bizarre incident, a 66-year-old Irish man was taken to hospital with brief amnesia after having sex with his wife. The anomalous case was analyzed in the May issue of the Irish Medical Journal, published on Wednesday, and doctors said gender was the trigger for short-term amnesia – formally known as Transient Global Amnesia (TGA).

The Mayo Clinic defines TGA as “an episode of sudden transient global amnesia not caused by more common neuropathy such as epilepsy or stroke.” In the case of this Irishman, the medical journal reported that he lost his short-term memory “within 10 minutes of intercourse.”

After the intercourse, the man noticed the date on his phone and “suddenly turned around, distressed that he had forgotten his wedding anniversary the day before.” Although the man had celebrated the special occasion the night before, he had no idea.

“He repeatedly questioned his wife and daughter about the events of that morning and the previous day,” the magazine reads.

Internet user reactions

Internet users are amused to hear about it and took to social media to share their reactions. One of the users wrote, “Ye ghajini hai kya.” Another wrote, “Hope with his own wife.” One user also commented, “Hein!! Only with wife?”

About TGA

A rare condition like this usually affects people between the ages of 50 and 70 and has the ability to “just disappear” from recent events. Some people who suffer from TGA may not remember what happened a year ago. Affected people usually regain their memory within a few hours.

In this case, the subject’s long-term memory was unimpaired and was able to provide their name, age, and other basic background information. The man had previously experienced a TGA in 2015, and that incident also happened shortly after the sex. Luckily, he later regained his short-term memory.

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Realizing he may be suffering from another TGA episode, the man went to a local emergency room. There he was found by neurological examination to be “completely normal”.

After a while his memory returned. The author of an article in the Irish Medical Journal, who works in the Department of Neurology at University Hospital Limerick, said up to 10 percent of people with TGA have another episode. The authors also added that “TGA precipitation has been associated with multiple activities, including physical activity, immersion in cold or hot water, emotional distress, pain, and sexual intercourse.”

Speaking about TGA in 2009, one expert said, “It’s not enough stimulus or deprivation that it permanently damages the brain. The brain recovers. There should be no deficit other than memory and it should be brief.” The incident is appalling for the people involved and their families, but the TGA is not considered to be very serious.


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